Vacation in Rome

Everybody should take a vacation in Rome at least once in lifetime. The grandeur of the capital city of Italy, once capital of Roman Empire, is something undescribable if you never visit it.

The ancient ruins of the Empire and the impressive monuments of that time, like the Colosseum and the Imperial Fora, have become the symbol of this city over the years.

But during a vacation in Rome you will discover much more. Take a stroll along the distinctive cobblestone streets of Trastevere, and admire the Tiber Island, the only little island of the river and one of the major landmarks of the city.

Enjoy your vacation in Rome in any period if the year, the climate in Rome is mild and warm, and even in winter subzero lows are uncommon.


I chose the trevi fountain room and found it very clean, tidy and cosy. Now I'm looking forward to coming back to Rome, which is amazing, and will certainly book the same room again, or perhaps try the superior!


my wife and I had booked the superior de luxe room some days before departure, and were very pleased at our arrival to see such a large, bright room all for us! i think the best room we could have founded in the city at the same price.


I believe Prati is the best district in Rome for shopping and dining, this is why we chose rome armony suite. The accommodation was great, no problems throughout the stay, no noise at nights despite the central position.


my bed and pillow were extraordinarily soft, i couldn't sleep better than i did during my stay in rome armony suite!


I've been several times in Roma for job, and this is definetely the best bed and breakfast of all those i've seen. many thanks Luca for your helpfulness, it makes the stay also more pleasant.


I would recommend rome armony suite to anyone who wants not only to visit but also to enjoy the city. In a very few minutes walking from the bb you can get to plenty of restaurants, bars, cafès, cinemas and so on.


thank you very much Luca for all the informarion and suggestions you gave us during our stay in rome armony suite. they were very precious to us!


I had a wonderful time in Rome, I found the accommodation very comfortable and well positioned in one of the most interesting areas of the city, full of shops and restaurants.



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